Stable RNA 2nd Structures for E. coli (v0.1)

Generated by Jingxin Wang @ University of Chicago, 2024-05-29

Cite: preprint. The work is supported by NIH/NIGMS R35GM147498.

Gene name in-cell SHAPE cell-free SHAPE
accC b3256 b3256
accD b2316
aceB b4014
aceE b0114 b0114
aceF b0115 b0115
ackA b2296
acnB b0118
acpP b1094 b1094
ahpC b0605 b0605
alaS b2697 b2697
asnA b3744
atpA b3734 b3734
atpB b3738 b3738
atpC b3731 b3731
atpD b3732 b3732
atpE b3737 b3737
atpF b3736 b3736
bamD b2595 b2595
bamE b2617 b2617
can b0126 b0126
cdsA b0175
clpB b2592
clpS b0881
cmk b0910
cpoB b0742 b0742
cpxP b4484 b4484
csrA b2696 b2696
cydA b0733 b0733
cysE b3607 b3607
cysT b1910 b1910
dcuA b4138 b4138
dksA b0145 b0145
dnaG b3066
dnaJ b0015
dnaK b0014 b0014
esrE b4707 b4707
ettA b4391 b4391
fabF b1095 b1095
fabG b1093 b1093
fabR b3963 b3963
fbaA b2925 b2925
fdoG b3894
fdoH b3893 b3893
fimA b4314 b4314
fis b3261 b3261
fruA b2167 b2167
fruK b2168
ftsH b3178 b3178
ftsL b0083 b0083
ftsZ b0095
fusA b3340 b3340
gapA b1779 b1779
glmZ b4456
glnA b3870
glnS b0680 b0680
glnW b0668 b0668
glnX b0664
glpD b3426
glyQ b3560 b3560
glyS b3559 b3559
glyW b1911 b1911
gmk b3648
gnd b2029 b2029
gpsA b3608 b3608
groL b4143
groS b4142 b4142
grpE b2614 b2614
gyrA b2231 b2231
hflC b4175 b4175
hflK b4174 b4174
hflX b4173 b4173
hisR b3797 b3797
hisS b2514 b2514
holA b0640 b0640
holC b4259 b4259
hscA b2526 b2526
hscB b2527 b2527
hslU b3931 b3931
hslV b3932 b3932
hspQ b0966 b0966
hupA b4000 b4000
ihfB b0912 b0912
ileS b0026 b0026
infB b3168 b3168
iscR b2531 b2531
iscS b2530 b2530
ispH b0029
kdsC b3198
kgtP b2587
lepB b2568
leuS b0642
leuT b3798 b3798
leuU b3174 b3174
leuZ b1909 b1909
lpd b0116 b0116
lpp b1677 b1677
lptA b3200 b3200
lptC b3199
lptD b0054
lptF b4261
lptG b4262 b4262
lpxA b0181 b0181
lpxC b0096 b0096
lpxD b0179 b0179
lrp b0889 b0889
lspA b0027 b0027
lysQ b0749
lysS b2890 b2890
lysW b0745 b0745
lysY b0747 b0747
lysZ b0748 b0748
miaA b4171 b4171
mipA b1782 b1782
mlaA b2346 b2346
mlaC b3192 b3192
mlaD b3193 b3193
mlaE b3194 b3194
murA b3189
murC b0091
murG b0090
mutL b4170 b4170
nfuA b3414 b3414
nhaA b0019 b0019
npr b3206 b3206
nusA b3169 b3169
obgE b3183
ompA b0957 b0957
ompC b2215 b2215
oppA b1243 b1243
oppB b1244
oppC b1245 b1245
oppD b1246 b1246
oppF b1247
oxyR b3961 b3961
panD b0131 b0131
pck b3403
pgi b4025
pheS b1714
pnp b3164 b3164
ppa b4226 b4226
ppc b3956
priB b4201 b4201
proW b2678 b2678
pta b2297 b2297
ptsG b1101 b1101
ptsH b2415 b2415
ptsI b2416 b2416
rcsB b2217
rho b3783 b3783
rimM b2608 b2608
rlmE b3179 b3179
rnpA b3704
rnpB b3123 b3123
rplA b3984 b3984
rplB b3317 b3317
rplC b3320 b3320
rplD b3319 b3319
rplF b3305 b3305
rplI b4203 b4203
rplL b3986 b3986
rplM b3231 b3231
rplN b3310 b3310
rplO b3301 b3301
rplQ b3294 b3294
rplR b3304 b3304
rplV b3315 b3315
rplW b3318 b3318
rplX b3309 b3309
rplY b2185 b2185
rpmA b3185 b3185
rpmD b3302 b3302
rpmE b3936
rpmF b1089 b1089
rpmG b3636
rpmI b1717 b1717
rpmJ b3299 b3299
rpoA b3295 b3295
rpoB b3987 b3987
rpoC b3988 b3988
rpoD b3067
rpoS b2741
rpoZ b3649 b3649
rpsC b3314 b3314
rpsD b3296 b3296
rpsE b3303 b3303
rpsF b4200 b4200
rpsG b3341 b3341
rpsH b3306 b3306
rpsI b3230 b3230
rpsJ b3321 b3321
rpsL b3342 b3342
rpsP b2609 b2609
rpsR b4202 b4202
rpsS b3316 b3316
rpsU b3065 b3065
rraA b3929 b3929
rseB b2571
rseC b2570 b2570
sdaA b1814
sdaB b2797
sdaC b2796 b2796
secA b0098
secG b3175 b3175
secM b0097
secY b3300 b3300
serS b0893
skp b0178 b0178
slyD b3349 b3349
sodA b3908 b3908
sodB b1656 b1656
sspA b3229 b3229
sspB b3228 b3228
ssrS b2911 b2911
talB b0008 b0008
tatC b3839
thrA b0002 b0002
thrL b0001 b0001
thrS b1719 b1719
tolB b0740 b0740
tolC b3035 b3035
topA b1274
tpiA b3919 b3919
trmD b2607 b2607
trmH b3651 b3651
trxA b3781 b3781
tsf b0170 b0170
tufA b3339
ubiJ b3834 b3834
udp b3831 b3831
valS b4258 b4258
valT b0744
valZ b0746 b0746
ybeX b0658 b0658
ybeY b0659
yccA b0970 b0970
yceD b1088 b1088
yfgM b2513 b2513
ygiB b3037 b3037
ygiN b3029 b3029
yidC b3705
yidD b4557 b4557
yijD b3964
yobF b1824
ytfK b4217 b4217